Sanken SBU is the braking unit for inverters higher than 15 kw. In the event of sudden braking of the motor or some unexpected resistant happening to the motor, there will be an increase in inverter’s DC voltage which causes an alarm in the inverter or worse a damage on the inverter. Therefore, braking unit can be an inverter life-saver in many unexpected cases.

Sanken provides 2 kinds of braking units ie. SBU-430, which combines with RZ-6000 (braking resistor of 6,000 watt) and SBU-445, which combines with RZ-9000 (braking resistor of 9,000 watt). For higher braking capacity, SBU can be installed in parallel together with its respecting braking resistors. Inverters with built-in braking units (up to 15 kw) need only install braking resistors directly.

For smaller braking resistors, Sanken also provides various capacity starting from 100 watt all the way t 1,200 watt. Please kindly inquire or send an email to find out the right braking unit and braking resistor needed.

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