Sanken SVC06 Series is a havey duty inverters with many functionalities. It is design to have the ability to suit many different applications. Combined with option cards available to choose from, SVC06 can do various features such as closed-loop application, constant water pump supply, winding-unwinding process, receiving digital input as well as outputing analog current. COmmunication features such as RS-485, profibus and modbus are also supported. Built-in braking unit (up to 15 kw), PID control, zero-servo function, high starting torque, multi-stage operations, auto-tuning, energy saving and many others can be easily done.

SVC06 comes as dual-mode capability so called mode A and mode B. Mode A is used for heavy load application, while mode B is used mostly for fan and pump.
The range available for 380 V is :
Mode A : 1.5 kw – 250 kw.
Mode B : 2.2 kw – 315 kw.

Product type :
SVC06-0015-LF42 | SVC06-0022-LF4 | … | SVC06-2500-LF42

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