Sinee BR100 is Sinee braking unit designed for inverters with capacity abouve 15 kw. It is an electric device designed for short-time and intermittent work, which is with a limited working capacity when under big current for a long time. Proper selection can protect braking unit from damage caused by high heat due to over-current.
BR100 features stable performance, real-time detection on DC bus-voltage and protection from over-heating or short-circuit on braking resistor.

For more informations please download the manual from -download- area.
There are 3 types of BR100 that can be selected for.
  • BR100-045 for inverter with 3-phase 220V / 380V power supply.
  • BR100-160 for inverter with 3-phase 380V power supply.
  • BR100-315 for inverter with 3-phase 380V power supply.