Brother P-Touch QL Series are perfect choice label printers to be used in many common labelling applications. It is widely used for office administration needs such us letters labelling, folders labelling, sample labellings and many others. Many laboratories and hospitals make use of QL series to label bloods and urine speciments. Price labelling in supermarkets and stores is also easy to do. It comes with P-Touch editor software which enables a lot of important features to be done such as : database printing (SQL, excel, access, cvs and txt format), barcode printing, adding symbols, inserting images, working with many languages characters (Korean, Arabic, Chinese, Rusian, Japanese, Indian, Thai, etc) and frames.

B-PAC is also available to make integration with existing software (windows-based) possible.
Simple modification to the existing program is all needed to print directly to P-Touch. Adding a simple application can also be done (if modification is not possible) to access the database and pass it to P-Touch editor template. VB Script is also supported.

P-Touch QL Series model available :
  • USB Connection : QL-700 | QL-1050
  • Wifi Connection : QL-720NW
  • LAN COnnection : QL-1060N

All QL Series are Desktop PC with USB connections. Some series have Wireless Connection and some have wired LAN connection. DK-label comes in various width up to 102 mm with 30 meters long.