Brother P-Touch PT Series are high quality laminated label printers. There are many variants available ranging from home, office and industrial usage. It is one of the best label printers on the market with many features it offers. It comes with P-Touch editor software which enables a lot of important features to be done such as : database printing (SQL, excel, access, cvs and txt format), barcode printing, adding symbols, inserting images, working with many languages characters (Korean, Arabic, Chinese, Rusian, Japanese, Indian, Thai, etc) and frames.

B-PAC is also available to make integration with existing software (windows-based) possible.
Simple modification to the existing program is all needed to print directly to P-Touch. Adding a simple application can also be done (if modification is not possible) to access the database and pass it to P-Touch editor template. VB Script is also supported.

P-Touch PT Series model available :
  • Home Usage with M-Tape : PT-90
  • Non-PC with TZ-Tape : PT-H105 | PT-D200 | PT-2030
  • Desktop PC with TZ-Tape : PT-2430 | PT-9700 | PT-9800N
  • Mobile with TZ-Tape : PT-E100 | PT-E300
  • Mobile PC with TZ-Tape : PT-2730 | PT-7600

PT-E100, PT-E300 and PT-7600 come with hard case (suitcase) and have many electric component labelling template available. Very handy to be used in panels and cables labelling.

TZ tapes printed is guaranteed to be long-lasting, durable, resistant towards water, acid, abration, UV light and extreme temperature. Perfect choice for assets management, inventory labelling, machine and cables identifications.