P-Touch DK Labels

Brother DK-Tape is made of thermal paper and used together with P-Touch QL-Series printers. The price is very economical and widely used in many labelling applications such as office administration for letters, folders or documents labelling. Many laboratories and hospitals make use of DK-Tape to label patients blood or urine speciments. The colour available is limited to black on white only. It is a must have in every office. Simple to use and guaranteed will make labelling work much easier

DK-Tape can be clasified into 2 categories, ie. fixed-size labels or continuous labels. The fixed-size labels comes in variety size, while the continuous ones come as 30 meters long with 12, 29, 62 or 102 mm wide. There will be absolutely one that suits your needs.
There is also a limited size that comes with film-laminated.

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